In this article, I want to talk about common mistakes when applying epoxy coating for floors. The mistakes that I have made myself, the problems that I often see in the new application teams, who just starting out. Problems will be easily avoided if we know how to ask the right questions and learn from experience when we first start the application..

 These are 3 common problems that I often see in the new epoxy application teams:

1. Rushing in the surface preparation step:

Surface preparation is a very important stage when applying epoxy floor coating. This is a cleaning and preparation step which help to get the proper adhesion of the epoxy resin to the application surface. This is also the most tedious and dirty scope because no one wants to work in a dusty environment, clean the floor, degrease... Inexperienced contractors usually only perform the preparation “carelessly” to quickly move on to the “most enjoyable” part – coating application, the stage where the results of your work are visible

When starting, most of us are only interested in the final visible result (and the fact, customers are also eager to see the finishing): The problem is if we don't implement the surface preparation step correctly and seriously, we will have to face the problems afterwards. The problems encountered will be peeling of the coating due to poor adhesion, poor surface finish, visible cracks… and many other problems.

2. Not actually “seal” the surface before applying of Epoxy coating

Bubbles and pinholes will appear for many reasons, it is impossible to address all reasons in this article. But the most common cause – porous surfaces will release “air bubbles” when the paint is applied to the surface. The situation is sometimes even worse when the pinholes appear only a few hours after the application is done, when we have finished the work and have left the site!!!

We must ensure the application surface is "fully sealed" with the correct application primer, this is the best way to minimize the risk of air bubbles. We often don't anticipate the importance of "sealing" the surface properly and simply think that the epoxy finish coat will self-cover and "seal" the surface!

3. Don’t understand the chemical properties of Epoxy

Many people who are new to epoxy may already have experience in executing other scopes such as water-based paint, waterproofing or structure, etc. They usually start with epoxy quite confidently. I often see people do not fully understand how the components of epoxy work and as a result, the coating can be cured! 

In conclusion, no matter how long you have been in the field, you always have to prepare a new spirit when performing new tasks or scopes. I have met many “former professors” who introduced 25 years of experience in the construction industry and formed a series of problems right after. I also met an “expert” who resolutely requested to “pre-wet the surface” before applying Epoxy!

The quality of the product does not decide the success of the final product

I would like to hear from you guys about the use/application of Epoxy: Have you had any problems from your application? What problems did you have from the first time you do it?

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