EURO POLYMERS UREA-900/ High-Grade Polyurea Waterproof Membrane

Origin:   Turkey

Packing: 26.5 Kg/Set (Pail A: 25Kg, Pail B: 1.5Kg)


UREA-900 is a premium featuring super durable liquid, cold applied, 2 component, fast curing, very good adhesion and excellent tear resistance for surface requires waterproofing with high durability, UV resistant such as exposed roofs landscapes, planter boxes..., abrasion and chemical resistant for outdoor structures


  • Use as a high-grade waterproofing for landscapes, planter boxes, podiums, balconies ...
  • Exposed waterproofing for roofs, terraces, balconies, ...
  • Areas requiring high abrasion protection, contact with wheels such as helicopter pads, parking lots, industrial sidewalks, ...
  • Waterproofing for water tanks, swimming pools, artificial seas, trenches, drainage systems ... in amusement parks or industrial factories
  • As a protective coating for sewers, wastewater tanks of industrial wastewater treatment plants
  • As a protective coating to the PU Foam insulation
  • If using for outdoor, apply additional UV protection coating UP-266 Top Coat at the rate of 0.25-0.30 kg /m² /2 coats.


  • Simple application by manual methods such as paint brush, roller or cold spray, without heating
  • Form a seamless and continuously membrane
  • Fast curing, shorten application time, improve economic efficiency and minimize risks caused by weather, compared to other waterproof systems.
  • Excellent chemical resistance to seawater, wastewater containing salts, oils, fats, alkalis, diluted acids ...
  • No solvent, environment friendly
  • Good adhesion to most type of substrates such as: Concrete, screed, metal ...


  • Use Euro Polymers UP-100 Primer (dried substrate) or EP-2WT (damped substrate), leave it dry for 1-4 hours (not exceed 8 hours) prior application of UREA-900


  • Stir well part A using paint mixer, slowly add part B and continuously mixing in 3-5 mins until a homogenous mixture achieved 


  • UREA-900 can be applied by brush, roller, steel and notch trowel or air pressure spray.
  • Leave the 1st applied coat 3-4 hours (not exceed 6 hours), then apply 2nd coat. At least 2 coats are required. 

* Fine particles on the surface may occur when applying the UREA-900 product at high temperature and low humidity in the air. However, it does not affect the quality of the product

* For protective motar requirements: apply clean and dry quartz sand to roughen while the final layer of UREA-900 is still wet.


  • 0.60-0.75 kg/m²/coat (do not apply >0.80 kg/m2/coat). At least 2 coats are required with total 1.20-1.50 kg/m².
  • For root, abrasion or chemical resistant purpose, apply with a minimum of 2.0 kg/m²


Product type 2 component Polyurea
Color Red
Shore A hardness (ASTM D2240-15) > 70
Tensile strength (ASTM D412-16) > 9.50 MPa
Elongation at break (ASTM D412-16) > 600%
Tear strength (ASTM D 624-00(2012) Type C/T > 40 kN/m
Puncture resistant (ASTM E154-08a – 2013) > 300kN
Water penetration (BS EN 12390-8:2009) 0 (5 bar, 72 hours)
Adhesion strength after 7 days (ASTM D7234-12) > 9.5 MPa
Glossy Semi-gloss
Crack bridging (ASTM C836-95) ≥ 2mm
Theoretical consumption  ~ 1.20 kg/m2/mm (dry film)
Application temperature +5 to +35°C
Dilution (Thinner 18) Spray applied only
Service temperature 100 days at 80˚C & 200˚C Dry (sudden)
Pot life 25 - 30 mins (30°C)
Application method brush, roller, steel and notch trowel
or air pressure spray
Dry time
(depend on temperature and relative humidity)
23°C, 55% RH
Touch free: 2-4 hours
Time between coats: ~ 4 (not exceed 6) hours
Fully cured: 7 days