Beginning is the company specializing in waterproofing and epoxy coating construction for high-rise buildings and factories in Vietnam more than 13 years ago, directly constructing and commercializing waterproofing products, epoxy based paint for construction works in locations such as: pile foundation, basement floor, toilet, swimming pool, domestic water tank, wastewater tank, roof floor, balcony ... Euro Paint Vietnam Co.,Ltd has accumulated a lot of knowledge about materials, by the beginning of 2019, Euro Paint Vietnam Company confidently launched the paint and waterproofing product line branded EURO POLYMERS.

All EURO POLYMERS branded products of Euro Paint Vietnam are manufactured and processed on modern production lines, with standardized quality suitable for the weather and climate of Vietnam and checked. strictly controlled according to international standards.

Products supplied by Euro Paint Vietnam have been tested in reputable domestic and foreign laboratories and officially published in Catalogs, documents and actual samples of products.

With the desire to contribute to the development of the construction industry in Vietnam in general and the industrial paint and waterproofing industry in particular, Euro Paint Vietnam sets three important goals as a guideline for its business is as follows:

  • Constantly searching and creating better products with more competitive prices and bringing more sustainable values to the project.

  • Always looking for and cooperating with reputable and qualified manufacturing and processing units at domestic and abroad to join Euro Paint Vietnam in creating products with practical application, high sustainability at prices the best.

  • Consulting and supplying paint and waterproofing materials for the project.

These goals have been verified throughout the years by highly appreciated products of Euro Paint Vietnam by investors, main contractors, design consultants, construction units ... and put into use for key projects across the country.

Not only an outsourcing manufacturer specializing in distributing its products to works that Euro Paint Vietnam has been and will use the results and knowledge gained in the research, development process, actual implementation and construction to turn them into technical consulting services to provide customers with the best products and services in the field of coating and waterproofing for buildings in Vietnam.