EURO POLYMERS EC-210 / Epoxy Coating Paint

Origin:   VIETNAM

Packing:  20 Kg/Set ( Pail A: 16kg, Pail B: 4kg)


EC-210 is 2 components, solvent-based Epoxy coating. Product is anti-dust, slight abrasion, good adhesion to most basic surfaces


  • Use as a finish coating indoor for concrete wall/floor, screed, steel need to be anti-dust, subjected to medium/high loading such as: warehouse, hall, factory, garage, ramp, parking areas, basement floors, fire escape stair, stadium stand, multipurpose sport center, steel structure, ...
  • Finish coating with anti-slip property

* Note: When apply outdoor, discoloration might happen due to epoxy’s characteristic


  • Easy application (paint brush, roller or spray)
  • Economic saving
  • Gloss finish, wide range of color for your choice
  • Anti-slip property when needed
  • Form a durable cured coating, withstand dilute solvents, alkalis, oils, greases, salt, wet, ...


  • The substrate should be dry, clean and free from laitance, oil, dust, paint residues, algae, loose and friable material must be completely removed from all surfaces before application of the product.


  • Use Euro Polymers EP-200 Primer with consumption 0.15-0.20 kg/m2, leave it dried for 2-4 hours prior application of EC-210


  • Apply EC-210 right after EP-200 Primer has dried. In case of recoat time exceeded 72 hours or surface is clinging to dust, sand, ...clean the area then apply an extra priming coat EP-200 prior application of 1st EC-210 coat
  • After the 1st coat of EC-2WT has dried (4-8 hours). Any crack, gap on floor or between walls - floor to wall, Epoxy DY-101 need to be used to patch up. Then apply 2nd coat for finishing 
  • Clean all application tools using Thinner 20 before it cures


  • 0.11 – 0.15 kg/m²/coat, 2 coats are required
  • The coverage might vary depend on the substrate absorbent 


Product type 2 components, solvent based
Color Grey, Green or upon requested
waterproof workable
Substrate moisture ≤ 80% RH, test method: moisture meter
Density ~ 1.15 kg/ltr (mixture) 
Solid content 42 ± 3 %
Mixing Radio A : B = 4 : 1
Application temperature Air: 5 - 35°C
Surface: < 40°C
Relative humidity: ≤ 80% RH
Dilution Thinner 20, < 5%
Apply method Paint brush, roller, spray
Dry time (depend on temperature and relative humidity) 30°C, 80% RH
Application time: 2 hours
Time between coats: 4-8 hours
Walkable: 1 day
Lightly receive physical load: 2 days
Fully chemical cured: 7 days