We should know that the waterproofing works for new building take only 3-5 thousand parts (o/oo) of the basic construction value, while the quality of the successful waterproofing is closely contributed to the life of the building, Residents' health, safety, aesthetics, ... criteria that are always put on the top priority by investors, contractors and stakeholders.

Waterproofing work only achieves maximum effectiveness when we really care right from the start of the construction based on the selection of waterproofing materials according to the following criteria:

     -  Right purpose, function and application ranges

     -  Be applied properly - sufficiently with the right solutions and methods by qualified contractors

    -  The most effective in the task of “waterproofing”, easy to maintain and easy to re-apply (after service life) fastest with the lowest cost!

Waterproof products do not perform their own tasks, ... let us - Euro Paint Vietnam Company - be consulted on the best products and solutions for waterproofing works to your project.