EURO POLYMERS PU Foam 500 / PU Foam - Resistant to Heat, Noise, Fire and Acid

Origin:   KOREA

Packing: 480 Kg/Set ( A: 230Kg, B: 250Kg)


PU FOAM 500 is a compound between Isocyanate (hardener) and Polyols with foam, catalytic, flame retardant additives, ... using a specialized mixer/sprayer to create a polyurethane foam layer


  • Indoor and outdoor for roofs, walls of factories, offices, hospitals, hotels, cold storage, livestock facilities, poultry farms, temporary structures and storage tanks, heat tanks ...
  • For outdoor: additional UV protection UP-266 Top Coat at the rate of 0.25-0.3 kg/m²/2 coats is needed


  • Effective heat and sound insulation 
  • Absolutely waterproof 
  • Fire protection 
  • Resistant to acid corrosion
  • Lightweight material, easy to apply, and does not affect the factory’s operation when apply on the exposed roof 
  • Can be easily applied to complex structures or areas with special details
  • Forming a homogeneous foam layer in terms of shape and bonding, no separation between layers, so it resists wind gusts as well as wind forces 
  • Ability to adhere firmly to concrete, wood, iron, steel, asphalt and rubber surfaces without any adhesive and anchoring bolt
  • Withstand thermal expansion
  • Good anti-cracking 
  • Has good size elasticity, fully adapts to widely and suddenly temperature changes between day and night during hot summers or cold winters


  • The substrate should be clean and free from oil and water must be completely removed from all surfaces before application of the product 
  • Existing old metal roofs: necessary to reinforce the rotten, punctured, deformed, sheets and replace all lost screws before application of PU Foam 500


  • PU Foam 500 is 2 components in two different containers with a fixed mixing ratio A:B = 1:1. Use a dedicated PU Foam sprayer to apply PU Foam 500


  • After applying PU Foam 500 on the surface, necessary to apply UP-266 Top Coat to finish within 24 hours and not exceed 48 hours. Otherwise, PU Foam 500 layer may become brittle and turn to dark yellow which will be affecting the durability of the product.


  • 1.30 kg/m2  20±5mm thickness


Product type 2 component, PU foam
Color Part A: Yellow liquid
Part B: Clear Liquid
Viscosity (cps, 25°C) 400-800 
Mixing ratio (by weight) A:B = 1:1
Compressive strength > 300 kPa
Tensile strength > 400 kPa
Tear Resistance 2,500 kg/m²
Shore D hardness 38 - 42
Expansion rate > 10 %
Service temperature -40°C – 120°C
Size change rate ≤ 1 %
Weight /m² Metal roof: 20mm thik. ~ 1.20kg
Concrete roof: 40mm thk. ~ 2.40kg
Apply condition Temperature: 5-35°C
Humidity: ≤85% RH
Drying time
(depend on temperature, humidity and thickness of foam layer)
25°C, Foam thickness 20±5mm:
Touch dry: 3 sec.
Initial harden: 30 sec.
Completely dry: 2 hours