Which Waterproofing Product is GOOD – CHEAP – EFFECTIVE?


I have searched on Google with key words “good, cheap, effective waterproofing product” and got 2.9 million related results in 0.54 sec.! This is definitely a huge interest sought by many people


1. The " BEST " product

Any product, can only confirm its reliability over a long period of time for researched - developed - tested - practiced and experienced

We will feel confident in products labeled from advanced countries, famous brands while the product documentation clearly states: “Store, apply at <25oC”! Obviously, this product is not suitable for our tropical climate!

We will select the products originating reputation with the application time after mixing is "10-15 minutes at 25 ° C", Manpower and application methods of us have met or not?

The “BEST” product can only be a product suitable for the intended use, the conditions for application and proper methods are performed by experienced applicator and the well skilled team.          .   

2. The “CHEAPEST” product

A comparison that is considered on the basis of "phase" must be similar, properly quantified and to be able to return the most objective result for selection.

a. Similarity: would be hard to compare the price between a cementitious vs. Resin based products, while the essence of material, characteristics, technical properties, application areas, ... are completely different. We should compare prices with the same material based, similar technical properties and especially concerned about applicability of products in comparison.

b. Quantity: each product has its own consumption, given by manufacturer on the basis of “necessary and sufficient” for the product promote its performance. The finish product is m2 of waterproofing in area, not a kilogram or liter of material! 

3. The “MOST EFFECTIVE” product

Is the product which meets the requirement, needs with duration in appropriate and reasonable time!.Furthermore, we do not have “permanent materials”, products only have a certain lifetime when applied in the correct function and area as recommended by the manufacturer (and of course must be done by the experienced contractors with skilled application team). Fixing unexpected problems or re-waterproofing after the product's life has expired is always cost several times more  than waterproofing a new construction!

If considered effective in terms of investors, we should know the cost for waterproofing construction is just the few per thousand (o/oo), but the quality of the scope is related intimately to many other scopes and especially customer satisfaction – a goal that we always strive for.

Thus: The “GOOD – CHEAP – EFFECTIVE” Waterproof product has selected

  • Right purpose, performance and application range
  • Be applied properly – sufficiency with the right solution and method statement by proficient contractor
  • Most effective in the task of “waterproofing”, easy to maintain and easy to re-waterproof (after service life) fastest with lowest cost!

Waterproof product does not perform its duties, .. We need the package of solution, supply, apply, guarantee and maintain in most efficiency

Please contact us – Euro Paint Vietnam Company – for product advice and optimal solutions for the Waterproofing package of your needs.




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